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Jim Mackie, President

Jim Mackie is a former Ontario Fuels Safety Branch Senior Inspector/Investigator with over 34 years experience investigating fuels related incidents such as leakages, fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisonings. He incorporated Fuels Safety Consultants Inc. in 1997 to carry on the business of training candidates for "Petroleum Equipment Mechanic Certification" (PM) and "Site Operator Certification" (SO), performing fuel system compliance audits, and investigating fuels related incidents.

Over the past 24 years Jim has proven his ability to impart his knowledge to others as one of the foremost trainers of PM and SO candidates in Ontario, and for Government of Canada employees.

In addition to PM training, Jim has on-going commitments related to numerous investigations and audits he performs for Environment Canada, Department of National Defense, Canada Post, municipalities, major oil companies and others. Jim sits on a number of boards and committees related to fuel safety, volunteering about one third of his time to this work.

Jim is recognized throughout Canada as an expert on the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) code of practice for aboveground and underground storage tank systems containing petroleum and allied petroleum products. He is a member of the CSA B139 Fuel Oil Code Committee, the TSSA Risk Reduction Group for the Ontario Liquid Fuels Handling Code and the TSSA Risk Reduction Group for the Ontario Fuel Oil Code. He has performed numerous fuel safety compliance audits and investigations for all levels of government and for major oil companies and forestry companies. Jim is the author of a number of training manuals for petroleum operations and has made many presentations to industry and government on fuel safety related issues.

Other Memberships:

  • Ontario Technical Safety Association (Board of Directors)
  • Fuel Handlers Association of Canada (Board of Directors)
  • CCME National Taskforce on Storage Tanks
  • Canadian Association of Fire Investigators
  • National Association of Fire Investigators (USA)


  • Site Operator
  • Petroleum Mechanic Helper
  • Petroleum Mechanic 4
  • Petroleum Mechanic 3
  • Petroleum Mechanic 2
  • Petroleum Mechanic 1
  • Gas Technician 1
  • Oil Burner Technician 1
  • Liquid PropaneTechnician
  • Gas Pipeline Inspector
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator
  • Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator
  • Certified Fire Investigation Instructor
  • Operating Engineer 3rd Class

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