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Our on-line survey at the end of each course has received a remarkable response rate from our course participants ... a big "thank you" to all of you for your support and encouragement!

Jay, May 30, 2018: " I found all extremely informative". 

Anonymous, April 23, 2018: "Great Course".

John, March 29, 2018 "This was a great way to get updated on the new code changes."

Anonymous, March 27, 2018: "Very well designed course and the online experience was very good."

Krish, March 19, 2018: "All nicely designed."

Anonymous, February 22, 1018: signupLoginEasy = "Strongly Agree; contentClear = Strongly Agree; photosHelpTopic = Strongly Agree"

Anonymous, February 3, 2018: "... good course and well laid out."

Chris, January 7, 2018: ".....your online course is very good."

Anonymous, November 30, 2017. "Strongly agree. Well done."

Anonymous, November 1, 2017: "Strongly agree, all were good to review."

Anonymous, October 28, 2017: "Strongly agree, great course."

Donn, May 30, 2017: "This course is a high quality learning tool that achieves its intended objective nicely. Well done!"

Richard, May 16, 2017: "I did enjoy going through each module. I also like the fact that it was direct to the facts and made easy for the user. Thanks."

Grace, July 14, 2016: "The course was useful and informative - thank you."

Robert, May 30, 2014: "I have been in the petroleum maintenance field for over 20 years and found this course spot on. Great job and very informative."

Anonymous, May 12, 2014: "I definitely learned useful information as to procedures if there is an emergency. Thanks."

Peter, Apr 27, 2014: "Course content was very informative."

Jonathan, Mar 26, 2014: "Everything worked well and was setup in an efficient manner. Enjoyed the course and look forward to more courses. Thanks."

Anonymous, Aug 21, 2013: "... was clear and easy to follow. wasn't confusing at all."

Gerald, May 24, 2013: "Excellent customer support ... Great site and thank you."

Jeff, Apr 1, 2013: "All chapters were helpful. The course was great. I may continue further into the other PM's courses. Thanks."

Anonymous, Feb 1, 2013: "Very good course, straight to the point and very helpful."

Anonymous, Oct 26, 2012: "very easy to do, enjoyed the time spent on the course."

Chris, Mar 8, 2012: "The information provided in this course seems very helpful. The ability to print and retain the course information will help greatly for field reference ..."

Anonymous, Nov 24, 2011: "The course was very helpful, learned a lot, good course."

Randy, Oct 30, 2011: "Very user friendly."

Matthew, Aug 8, 2011: "Course was good, informative and easy to complete!"

Tyler, Apr 16, 2011: "The course content was very helpful. It provided me with information and learned something new every chapter. Very well written and enjoyed doing this course online."

Sue, Sep 14, 2010: "Great".

Ray, May 7, 2010: "All relevant material, I learned quite a bit from exposure to this on line course. Thank you."

Reynold, Apr 17, 2010: "Was a good course, well setup and easy to follow."

Anonymous, Mar 15, 2010: "The on-line delivery allowed me to finish the course when it was convenient for me and focus on the subjects of most relevance to me."

Carl, Feb 25, 2010: " Very good questions: not always word for word in the booklet, allows you to think about your response and apply a bit of common sense also!"

Anonymous, Feb 04, 2010: "I found the course content to be very useful, and detailed exactly what is needed to be safe."

Brian, Jan 26, 2010: "This was an excellent course. It was very informative and written in a way that was very helpful and easy to understand"

Alan, Jan 14, 2009: "Thanks ... looking for more training for our oil burner tech ... simple and to the point"

Anonymous, Jan 11, 2009: "all (chapters) were good ... they all gave me a good upgrade"

Howard, Jan 7, 2009: "all the chapters were very helpful"

Tom, Jan 6, 2009: "thanks, this was easier than sitting in a classroom and taking up a couple of days"

Donald, Dec 31, 2008: "Your forward thinking and realization that not all PM mechanics would be able to attend a day long course"

Anthony, Dec 31, 2008: "I hold a PMH and PM2 license, being tested on the other stuff seems a bit strange, but I made it! Happy new year!"

Jeffrey, Dec 31, 2008: "Well done, very convenient to complete"

Scott, Dec 30, 2008: "The online update was very informative, presenting detailed explanation of the LFHC update. Excellent refresher/update, thanks to all of you at TSSA who designed this package ... Thank you for the opportunity to achieve this critical update via web based learning" 

Joe, Dec 30, 2008: "I definitely did have to read the material to be able to answer the test questions. I failed one chapter on the first attempt and was impressed that the questions were different on the retest, so I assume that the test questions are random for each participant which would cut down on cheating. That's good! I will use this again if I have the choice"

Kevin, Dec 30, 2008: "this was a good way to bring one up to speed on changes in the industry"

William, Dec 30, 2008: "Informative and easy to use. Clearly as good or better than an in class format"

Brad, Dec 29, 2008: "Very impressed with the format of the course in that you need to complete one chapter before proceeding to the next. The time allotment was appropriate for the testing portion"

Bohdan, Dec 28, 2008: "Thank you for providing a quick and simple alternative to upgrade and staying informed. I hope to find more courses available of this nature in the future"

Anonymous, Dec 28, 2008: "Overall I thought the course was relevant. Online course is excellent"

Glenn, Dec 26, 2008: "All (chapters) good. Thank you ..."

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