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Question: How long does it take to complete the course?
Answer: From start to finish the course should take from 8 to 10 hours of study time.

Question: How long may I take to complete the course?
Answer: You should plan to complete the course within a few days. However, the course will not "time expire" on you.

Question: Is the course free?
Answer: No. The price of the course is $399.00 plus HST.

Question: Who should take the course?
Answer: The Petroleum Mechanic Helper Course is the introductory course to higher levels of training. It is the prerequisite course for PM1,PM2,PM3 and PM4 certificates.

Question: If I live outside Ontario, may I take the course?
Answer: This course was developed for use in Ontario. However, it is anticipated that persons from other provinces and territories will use the material within.

Question: Can I take the course in a classroom instead of on-line?
Answer: Yes. Call us at 877-280-3604 or email admin@fuelssafety.ca to obtain a training schedule that best suits your location and available dates.

Question: What minimum computer system do I need?
Answer: Any PC running Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher will do. You will also need a 56 Kb modem, or faster, connection to the Internet.

Question: I have an Apple Macintosh computer. Can I take the course?
Answer: A Mac running OS X and Safari or Firefox as browser will work fine.

Question: Is there a minimum level of education required to become certified?
Answer: No. Bring your common sense and desire to succeed to the program.

Question: Must I have previous work experience in order to become certified?
Answer: No. The Petroleum Mechanic Helper course is specifically designed as an entry level course.

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