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Question: How long does it take to complete the course?
Answer: From start to finish the course should take about 4 to 6 hours of study time, depending upon your familiarity with the Code 2007.

Question: How long may I take to complete the course?
Answer: The course is not time limited. Study at your own speed and convenience.

Question: Is this course free?
Answer: The cost of the course is $175.00

Question: Who should take the course?
Answer: All licensed Petroleum Equipment Mechanics in Ontario, and all others in supervisory positions in the fuels handling industry in Ontario.

Question: Is there a legal requirement to take the course?
Answer: It is mandatory for all TSSA certificated Petroleum Equipment Mechanics and Site Operators in Ontario to be trained in the new Code 2017 changes and amendments.

Question: I live outside Ontario, may I take the course?
Answer: The similarities of the requirements contained in the Liquid Fuels Handling Code and the National Fire Code make the transition to other jurisdiction reasonably straight forward. Ontario's Liquid Fuels Handling Code covers most of the fuel related issues involved in operating a petroleum handling facility, safely.

Question: What minimum computer system do I need?
Answer: Any PC running Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher will do. You will need a 56 Kb modem or faster connection to the internet.

Question: I have an Apple Macintosh computer. Can I take the course?
Answer: A Mac running OS X and Safari or Firefox as browser will be fine.

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