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Question: How long does it take to complete the course?
Answer: From start to finish the course should take about 8 to 10 hours of actual study time.

Question: How long may I take to complete the course?
Answer: You should plan to complete the course over a period of less than 30 days. However, the course will not "time expire" on you.

Question: Is this course free?
Answer: No. The cost of the course is $299.00 plus HST, or $249.00 plus HST for municipal workers

Question: Who should take this course?
Answer: This Site Operator Course is designed to train municipal workers who are attendants at a municipal yard or drivers of tank vehicles or mobile refuelling vehicles.

Question: Is there a legal requirement to take a Site Operator Course?
Answer: There is a legal requirement to be trained if you are working as a station operator at a fuel dispensing site (such as a municipal roads yard).

Question: I live outside Ontario, may I take the course?
Answer: This program was developed for use in Ontario, however, it is anticipated that Site Operators from other Provinces and Territories will use the material within. The similarities of the requirements contained in the Liquid Fuels Handling Code and the National Fire Code make this transition to different jurisdictions reasonably easy.

Question: Can I take the course in a classroom instead of on-line?
Answer: Yes. Call us at 877-280-3604 or email admin@fuelssafety.ca to obtain a training schedule that best suits your location and available dates.

Question: What minimum computer system do I need?
Answer: Any PC running Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher will do. You will also need a 56 Kb modem, or faster, connection to the Internet.

Question: I have an Apple Macintosh computer. Can I take the course?
Answer: A Mac running OS X and Safari or Firefox as browser will work fine.

Question: Is there a minimum level of education required to become certified?
Answer: No. Bring your common sense and desire to succeed to the program.

Question: Is there a minimum age in order to become certified?
Answer: The minimum age to pump gasoline at a facility in Ontario is 15 years.

Question: Must I have previous work experience in order to become certified?
Answer: No. The Site Operator Course is specifically design as an entry level course for persons engaged in fuels handling.

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