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Site Operator Certification by TSSA 

There is a legal requirement that a station operator at a fuel handling facility be trained (see Section 6.7.2 Liquid Fuels Handling Code). Fuels Safety Consultants' Site Operator Training Course fulfills this legal requirement for training.

At the present time, the Code does not require that a station operator obtain Site Operator Certification. However, we strongly recommend that all station operators complete TSSA's Site Operator certification requirements. 

Upon your successful completion of the Course, you may download three Documents:

  1. your Certificate of Completion of the Site Operator Training Course;
  2. a Passport to a Site Operator Certificate of Qualification by TSSA;
  3. an Application for an Ontario Certificate of Qualification.

The Passport, as developed and endorsed by TSSA, is a Practical Skills Sign-off Document for your employer/supervisor to record your practical skills:

  • as an attendant at a facility, including record keeping,
  • in emergency procedures,
  • in inspecting equipment,
  • in safety procedures, and
  • your knowledge of spills clean up procedures.

There is no additional fee for the Site Operator Passport, which is valid for one year from the date of issue.

If you wish to become Certified as a Site Operator by TSSA:

  • prior to the expiry of your Passport,
  • you must complete your Application for an Ontario Certificate of Qualification (download this form),
  • complete your Passport document certifying your fulfillment of the practical skills requirements;
  • a non-refundable processing fee of $202.50 payable to TSSA through the following link:
  • https://www.tssa.org/tssa-portals
  • select new or existing customer (*if you are an existing customer, you will need your account # & postal code to access your account)
  • select the program area (FS) and click continue
  • enter application form number (found in the bottom left corner of the application form) and click continue (FS-033-v3)
  • complete the primary contact information section
  • complete the fee section
  • upload your completed application
  • upload supporting documents (if required) and click continue
  • Once all steps have been successfully completed you will receive your payment receipt via email.
  • mail your Application and your Passport to:
	Fuels Safety On-line Inc.
	Attention: Registrar
	P.O. Box 183
	Cardiff, Ontario K0L 1M0 

Upon receipt of your completed Passport, Application, and the processing fee, Fuels Safety On-line Inc. will, after verifying your documentation, forward it to TSSA who will issue your Site Operator Certificate, valid for two years (renewable).



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